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How Often Do I Need to Clean My Camera Sensor?

How often you need to get your camera sensor cleaned really depends on how often you use your camera and how frequently you switch out your lenses. At the very least we recommend that you should get your camera serviced twice a year – before and after your busy season.

If you are a full-time photographer or videographer who uses your camera almost every day and are constantly changing lenses, it is suggested to get your camera sensor cleaned once every month or so. If you find that you are using your camera once a week or less, you can maintain your picture quality by cleaning the sensor every 3-6 months. If you do landscape or animal photography, you will have more dust and particles land on your sensor over someone who does indoor studio photography.

How to Test the Cleanliness of your Sensor

A good way to test if your camera needs a cleaning is to check the dirt and grime on the sensor. To check the sensor, set your camera to the aperture priority setting, f16-f22, and 200 iso. Take a photo of a white piece of paper. You will be able to see any dirt or other foreign matter on the sensor in the resulting photo. All of the dirt, dust and grime will show up to some degree in all of your photos resulting in decreased sharpness or orbs in the photographs if not cleaned.

Your Camera will be in Careful Hands

Camera sensors are fragile and should be cleaned by an experienced technician in order to not be damaged. Okanagan Camera Service offers a 24-hr turnaround time so that you will have your gear back in your hands promptly for your next shoot. Not only do we carefully clean your camera sensor with anti-static gloves and precise equipment, we also thoroughly clean your camera body to keep it in pristine condition.

How to Maintain Your Camera’s Condition While in Use

Always point the camera downward while changing lenses to prevent foreign debris from entering the camera body.

Periodically wipe down your cameras and lenses with a high quality, soft microfibre cloth to remove any dust or grime from the exterior of the camera.

When necessary, wipe your lenses clean with tools (specific to camera cleaning) in a circular motion being careful not to scratch the lens.

Book an appointment with Okanagan Camera Service to maintain your camera’s photo quality.

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